Bespoke Care

By bespoke, we mean not letting those extremely important issues that you need to take care of while in treatment – such as your relationship with your partner, use of mobiles and access to work – stand in the way of you entering treatment at all. 

Of course clinics have their rules and boundaries and these are also a proven and essential part of recovery. However, because we have been where you are now, we are sensitive to your individual needs, and we want to ensure they are met during your treatment programme.

If you absolutely need to have access to your work, mobile or laptop; if you recently got a child or parent or a significant other back in your life; if you have young children at home; if you are having to study for an exam, you don’t need to be completely cut off from these things for the length of your treatment.

Some of the top clinics do not provide one-to-one therapy, do not offer access to weekly consultations with a psychiatrist and do not allow you to use your mobile or laptop for the entire duration of your treatment.

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We can help you make care arrangements that are based around your individual needs. 

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Ways we can help you pick the right facility 

At Red Umbrella we listen to all your concerns and match them with the most appropriate treatment programme.

  • We will never compromise your treatment. If it is clear that you will not have your best chance of recovery by incorporating your requests we will advise you of that from the start.
  • Our goal is to place you in the right treatment facility for your individual needs so you have the best possible chance of recovery, with or without mobiles and laptops.
  • We feel strongly that the things you need should not be negotiablewhen concerning a life-changing or life-saving event, such as your recovery.
  • We will find you the right facility with the least upset and resistancesurrounding the conditions of your treatment.
  • We will ensure you do not face any misunderstandings or surprises, and that all your requirements are taken into consideration.
  • Bespoke also accommodates the fact that some people do not like sharing rooms or bathroom facilities, and that dietary and fitness routines (not including eating disorder treatment) can also be core needs.

"We differ from some treatment programmes in that we offer our guests WiFi, In room TV, caffeine, use of mobile phones and a menu of their choice. We believe that controlled access to communications (outside therapy sessions) allows some clients greater ability to commit to the time in treatment - being able to continue to oversee business interests. We also chauffeur clients to and from essential business meetings or, in the case of sports professionals, training sessions or other commitments. For this reason, guests who would never have otherwise sought treatment, have successfully completed our programme and maintained their business presence at a distance." 

A quote from one of our hand picked clinics.

We are here to help, whatever the problem.

Depression, Bullying, Anxiety, Gambling, Fear of Job/career prospects, Alcohol Use Disorder (drink at work and post drinking hangovers), Eating disorders, Panic attacks, Bereavement, Substances (illegal and prescribed), Bipolar, OCD, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD), General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder.

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